Deconz Osram Smart Switch mini - connected to every light and plug now

Hey there,
I just had a strange behavier after trying to connect a osram switch mini with deconz. I know the smart switch mini is not supported, but I tried it.
While at adding a new switch to deconz i reseted the Osram switch but deconz doesn’t find it what was not really surprising but then when i pressed a button i could turn on and off all my devices which where connected to deconz but the remote is not recognized by deconz. all lights and plugs I had connected to deconz are triggered by the remote now! Not so my Hue lights and plugs - i still have a few lights connected to a hue hub.
So may somebody enlighten me what happened here?
I just was searching for a new remote…

Thanks in regards.

I am having the same issue. All my Aquara Plugs are turned on/off.

I guess the Osram Smart+ Switch Mini makes a great kill-switch…

Anybody find a solution for this problem? I really like the switches can’t use them because of this problem (also Aqara plugs turning on and off…).