deCONZ Philips Hue outdoor sensor, lux (light) level fauly

Hey Guys, I just bought the Philips Hue outdoor sensor and use it in combination with the conbee 2 stick using the deCONZ integration, the only thing that doesn’t seems to be working is the lux value (light):


The value is reported as 1.0 in home assistant and evenn0 in deCONZ itself, am I doing something wrong?



After a couple of hours it started sending me the correct data. 4210.2 lux during a cloudy day, checked with wikipedia:

No idea what caused it to work now

fyi, this is what Hue uses:

Philips Hue definition                 Lux               MeasuredValue
Overcast moonless night sky              0.0001                  0 dark.....
Outdoor: Bright moonlight                1                       1
Home: Night light                        2                    3000
Home: Dimmed light                      10                   10000
Home: ‘Cosy’ living room                50                   17000
Home: ‘Normal’ non-task light          150                   22000
Home: Working / reading                350                   25500
Home: Inside daylight                  700                   28500
Home: Maximum to avoid glare          2000                   33000
Outdoor: Clear daylight              10000                   40000
Outdoor: direct sunlight            120000                   51000
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Thx for the info :smiley: Now I need to find a correct value for my motion lamp, maybe around 10 hue lux will do

Hi Guys,
I am using exactly the same configuration. I get the correct values for lux values in Phoscon but I get the status unknown for the light sensor in Home Assistant. Anybody having an idea as to what could be stopping the sensor to be transmitting the correct vaues to Home Assistant?
Cheers for now

Apologies for reviving an old thread. But I wanted to check if you were indeed referring to the outdoor sensor and not the indoor sensor which is providing the lux.

I ask because the deCONZ screenshot is of the indoor sensor. I’m trying to confirm that the outdoor sensor also provides lux before buying some…

No issue at all, I can confirm that both indoor AND outdoor report a lux value.

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I expected that too, but just connected my first outdoor (already have a couple indoor sensors) but it unfortunately doesn’t yet show anything:

by Philips
Connected via: Conbee2-GW
Firmware: 2.53.6

I hope it is a matter of time cause the phoscon release notes of Akihi ⋅ v2.16.1 stable shows ‘Support for Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor SML004 #6012’ and the release notes of the deConz add-on (currently 6.14.1) writes in 6.14.0 → Bump deCONZ to 2.16.1.

Does anyone has a SML004 that reports Lux and Temperature?

A firmware update for the sensor may be needed to get the hue outside sensor lux working. Personally I included it quite some time ago but had to fiddle with the configuration in Deconz to get lux updates. Straight after inclusion it would get the first value but no updates. I have continuous updates now, but unfortunately I do not remember what I changed to get it to do that.

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Well, an hour of waiting was enough so it seems.
Details are shown in Phoscon (deConz) now.
A restart of HA resulted in the addition of the other/new sensors.

Hi @Recte - I do have one, and it does report Lux / Temp as advertised. Paired with HA via Conbee II without any problems. However, see here: Philips Hue Outdoor Motion (SML004) - No configuration options?.

Thanks, but that’s what I basically wrote in my previous reply. Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my wording.

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