Deconz software update in Homeassistant

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Hi there,

i have a question about deconz, i am now using deconz instead of zigbee integration.

I have a problem, however, and I have installed ‘Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee’ thermostats here in my house.
and with deconz it was always very difficult or even impossible to involve you.

I read that the update of the Deconz software should help there, I felt it was the last time I did it years ago.

where can I see again which deconz version I have installed and how can I manually update it to the latest?

Thanks very much


my installed Version and Firmeware

2.12.06 / 19.8.2021
Firmware 26680700

i think i updated it for a long time, its a beta version of the 26680700. in august 2021 i updated nothing