deCONZ, switching devices, HA "connects" to old gateway after reboot


I am currently switching from openHAB to HA. In the process I am also switching Raspberry Pis.

I am using a Conbee USB dongle connected directly to the Pi. Yesterday I installed HA and my old deCONZ gateway on the old Pi was automatically discovered and I could use the lights etc. right away in my new HA installation.

Later on I installed the HA deCONZ add on and moved the USB dongle over to the new Pi. Beforehand I created a backup in my old Phoscon. I deleted the deCONZ integration and added a new one (with host core-deconz, port 40850). I imported the backup and all my devices seemed to be working.

Now my problem is when HA restarts, it somehow tries to connect to the old gateway on the old Pi, for whatever reason.


When I then delete that integration, add it fresh (with core-deconz, port 40850), I can then use the devices again, but after another restart I get the same issue.

How can I tell it to never connect to that old gateway/Pi again? :slight_smile:

I might have “fixed” this myself by stopping and disabling the deCONZ service on the old Pi. It looks like HA doesn’t find that old gateway anymore that way. Not sure why it would still use it in the first place, even if it’s there…

I would guess that it was because the old deconz instance had the same unique ID as your new one as they both used the same conbee stick. Which is not a situation I have taken into account with the current implementation :slight_smile:

Yea, which is totally fine from my point of view because it will probably always never happen anyway :wink: I could have stopped the old service after disconnecting the usb stick to be fair.

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