Deconz to HA integration (couldn't get an api key)

Hey all! wondering if anyone has had this issue. (I’m running HA on a docker in my Unraid server)

I have a the conbee II usb pased into a docker for decons in my unraid system. Deconz works and I am able to add a device on it and access it via the Hue essentials app. However when I try to add it into HA, I get couldnt get an api Key.

when I try to access /api i get : [{“error”:{“address”:"/",“description”:“unauthorized user”,“type”:1}}]

I’ve done the following troubleshooting:

  • tested with dev and prod branches of HA

  • tried adding the deconz: integration in the config.yaml file

  • tried changing the ports for the deconz docker

all the of the above still couldn’t get the API key. I wonder if anyone has had this issue?

It’s probably a firewall/port issue. Which docker are you running?

Did you press “authenticate app” In Phoscon under Gateway -> Advanced when you were trying to add deconz to HA?