deCONZ VNC ist not working

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Hey guys,
I installed deCONZ directly via the supervisor add-on. But I can only open the Phoscon web app.
Trying to open a vnc session only ends in an endless loading :frowning:

It is also not possible to open the Gateway menu in the Phoscon web app, so I could not create a backup of the current devices.

This is the actual configuration:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have the same problem as you for vnc.

If I try to access vnc from deconz, by clicking deCONZ here:

… I end up with this screen forever:

And if try to access from the Mac vnc-viewer, I get the same result as you.

I can however help you with accessing the gateway page:

  1. Enter menu in deconz
  2. Help
  3. Open Wireless Light Control (2016)
  4. Login
  5. Enter menu
  6. Gateway
  7. Remove the character “2” after “settings-gateway” in the url.
  8. Done!
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Thank you so much. I can open the gateway now and download an actual backup :slight_smile:

I run Deconz on bare metal and not as Addon. And I have no problem with the settings-gateway2 URL.

deCONZ does not work for me on Safari but this is most likely a browser issue because switching to Chrome has worked for me.

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Exactly. Accessing the gateway menu is a problem while using the Safari browser. Using Google Chrome works fine. Also the web based vnc is working while using Chrome.
Thank you for your help :smiley: :+1: