Deconz Zigbee usb stick vs tradfiri gateway USB / LAN question question

hi, i want to start with this remote control stick

my HA server is on my server on second floor on a esx server

option a : buy a zigbee usb stick, but probably zigbee wave will be bad on 2floors below, as i dont have other zigbee devices, how can i extend it a cheap way ? is there also a LAN zigbee stick?

option b : use the tradfiri hub : , seems it has a LAN port, so i can put i more central, but that documentation is quite limited? how can i have control over those buttons?
can i also control other zigbee products in the future like the deconz product?

You need at least one zigbee bulb to kickstart conbee. Then one every 7m.

Get a raspberry pi to put the conbee in?

well, already have a domotica system, so no other zigbee products needed

so want to know how to extend the zigbee usb stick

or use the tradfiri gateway , but its not documented how to use that , or how to control the tradfire remote switch

and i dont want a PI, again extra hardware needed :slight_smile:

I am using a USB extender via CAT6 - ATEN UCE260 - to have the Conbee stick in a fairly central location in the house. This extender is powered at the end where the stick is located; I tried an unpowered USB extender and that failed every couple of days.

thats indeed an approach, but then you need to give up an excisting lan cable? or you need to place a new one
i was thinking about placing a smart plug , thats a repeater, costs less then the UTP solution, and you can turn on the christmas tree soon

Yes, it would require a dedicated CAT6 cable. The alternatives you considered - LAN zigbee stick or TRÅDFRI hub - would also require cabling, so I assumed that you already had spare cabling available.

Ikea Buttons don’t get mapped by tradrfi gateway like hue switches do. They get paired with hub (with touchlink) but they are not recognized like switches, you still need to pair them with lightbulbs.

Well, it seems there doesn’t excist an zigbee lan stick , otherwise I could insert it on my switch :wink: to ordered the USB stick now

Ikea TRADFRI remote control is not listed here as supported:

I just got my Zigbee USB stick so I will try it tomorrow and will let you know. If you want to connect it to LAN you will still need that raspberry PI.

no, they are supported
remote switch was supported long ago
while the normal tradfiri switch had an issue, but resolved in release .80 and up