Default brightness of Fibaro Dimmer


I just installed my first dimmer switch in my bathroom.
The idea is to have a default low brightness during the night and a normal one during the day.

I found out that it’s not possible to change the brightness without switching on and off the light.
I’d like to avoid this so I was digging and might have found an other way around this

The Fibaro Dimmer has a config parameter for this :

19: Forced switch on brightness level
If the parameter is active, switching on the Dimmer (S1 single click) will always set this brightness level. Available settings: 0 - function disabled; 1-99 - percentage level of brightness; Default setting: 0

It seems to be what I’m looking for as it’s possible with an automation to change the config parameter, but being new to z-wave I wanted to be sure that changing a config parameter often is considered a good practice

Thanks in advance

I was able to set default brightness levels using Node-Red (but the same could be achieved using normal hass automations). If the state of the dimmer changed from Off to On, I call the light.turn_on service with a brightness value of whatever (my dimmers report levels of 1-255). I don’t have time constraints set up at the moment, but you could use conditions for that.

For anyone else using Node-Red, the flow looks like this:

And here is the service call: