Default code for Switchbot Lock

I have recently bought a Switchbot Lock and all works fine in Home Assistant except for the “default code” part. It doesn’t matter what I put in this box, when I press unlock Home Assistant doesn’t ask for a code. It just unlocks.
This is my first time using a smart lock in Home Assistant, so it might be something I’m missing. Does anybody have an idea regarding this issue? I have search the web quite a bit and can’t find anything.

The lock is connected via a Bluetooth proxy (ESPhome).


I believe that field is for locks that require a code to operate (so it’s for HA to send to the lock so the commands will be acted upon).

There are ways to require a code, but they all require custom cards. I’m not aware of a way to require the lock entity itself to require a code for operation.

I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: