Default dashboard does not work

Strangely this morning, when i log into home assistant, I’m getting the original ‘overview’ dashboard as the default for the device.

I’ve checked the user settings and the web cookie which shows it should actually go to another dashboard called ‘home overview’ that I setup, but it simply does not:-

I have the mobile app too, and that still works fine.

I’ve cleared the cookies, changed and reset the default dashboard value, but nothing seems to stop it going to the ‘overview’ each time you log in.

Incognito mode also has this issue.
Also trying from another PC has the same issues.
Creating a fresh user also has the same issues.
Restarting HA made no difference.

For anyone else who comes across this, it appears to be a caching issue with chrome.
Using edge (which i never do), it works just fine.

Now I need to figure out why Chrome is doing it…

I have the same problem with Firefox and my default view is no longer working but reverting to “overview”. Clearing the cache does not solve it.

I tried going in on the local address instead of my domain name and the entire dashboard and themes are reset. Reconfiguring everything and setting the theme to dark, setting the default dashboard and then the sidebar order doesn’t stick. When logging in again to the local ip address everything is default.

I am on 2022.12.8

My issue turned out to be self inflicted. I stupidly had the overview URL in my saved bookmark.

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This old issue has reappeared for me in Home Assistant 2023.10.5. I’ve tried the usual troubleshooting, test multiple browsers, flush cache, test with different users, check URL’s etc, etc. It’s not a problem in the Home Assistant app. I’m the first to admit that it’s possible I’m doing something wrong but I also have to entertain the possibility it’s a bug that’s crept back in. My hardware/environment is a Home Assistant Yellow.

Exactly the same mistake here. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile: