Default grouping by areas in UI

I just moved my system from openLuup to Home Assistant, and will start with a big pat on the back to all contributors for this really cool software!

One thing I did struggle a bit with in the start was to find a good device overview.
The “Devices” and “Entities” lists in settings provides some help, but I think that the view method in openLuup would be an easier way to get a nice overview filtered on Area/Room:

Having the area list on the left, and the auto-updated masonry layout in the main window (like it is in the auto generated view today) would enable a quick review of the devices/entities/helpers registered to that room, and a quick way to find the room you want without too much scrolling, including any helpers one creates.

I know this can be generated by some dashboard yaml magic, but I still think this would make HASS easier to navigate for us newbies.

You forgot to vote in your request. :wink:

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