Default groups not showing (and I've added hidden:false)

In groups.yaml I have:

  view: yes
    - group.all_devices

In customize.yaml I have:

    hidden: false

And nothing is showing in “all_together” tab. Also, the documentation says “You can see list of these groups in State page of the Developer Tools.”, but I cannot see any group starting with “all_” in State page of Developer Tools.

Am I missing something?

I take it you do have some device trackers set up?

I was convinced “all_devices” contains all the devices. Is there any group containing at least all the auto-discovered devices? How can I see all the existing default groups?

No, group.all_devices is all your device trackers.

The only group that will show all, umm, ‘devices’ is the ‘standard’ default_view.

Thank you. I want to customize default view, but if I do that, auto-discovered devices won’t show anymore, and I would like to continue showing them anywhere.

Do you know where can I find the list of available “default groups”?

There is currently no way.

This a very regularly requested feature, but it hasn’t appeared yet.

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Ok. Thank you for your help!