Default icon color?

Is it possible to set a default icon color?

If I create an entity, say input boolean.
And I use the customize to set both on and off color, but when the lovelace loads up I still get the blue-ish default color.
If I then toggle the switch back and forth I get it goes in to the correct colors until I reload lovelace page.

I can’t set the icon_color of the input boolean. So is icons always default color until you toggle them or can they be set with a new default color?

Did you ever get a response or sort this out?

I can’t remember, but I don’t think it’s solved.

Icon color along with the rest of the UI is done through themes. You can make your own theme or download community made ones. See Hacs or just search Home Assistant Theme :blush:

You can’t set it in ha but you can on a lovelace card.