Default light value then power on

I use a zigbee light and a zigbee switch to control it.
This works fine but I like to define a default setting for turning the light on.
According to this documentation I need a csv file:


is the syntax correct?
The csv is located in the config folder on the same level as configuration.yaml.

The .default suffix should be added to the entity identifier of each light to define a default value, e.g., for light.ceiling_2 the profile field is light.ceiling_2.default.

I can’t quite understand this part. Where do I have to do this? Is it in a specific file or on the device itself?

This is the dev view for the device:

min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
supported_color_modes: color_temp, xy
off_with_transition: false
off_brightness: null
friendly_name: LIDL Lampe RGB
supported_features: 40
color_mode: color_temp
brightness: 3
color_temp: 391
hs_color: 28.728, 70.496
rgb_color: 255, 161, 75
xy_color: 0.541, 0.389

I just figured out that my csv syntax was wrong. thanks to @petro for the help in discord.
I still don’t know how I can set the color temperature while switching the light on.