Default Lovelace Dashboard

Fairly new user here but I’m having an issue with the default dashboard showing up. I have the stock auto generated Lovelace dashboard called “Overview” and I have a new dashboard I created called “home”.

When I login in via my web browser it defaults to Overview. When I click on Home on the left side the dashboard loads properly. In my profile, for this device, I have my default dashboard set to “Home”.

On my mobile phone using iOS app, I also have my default dashboard set to “Home” however each time I connect it loads “Overview”.

Is this a bug or is it something I’m doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Sorry to bump my own post but this somehow fixed itself. I literally changed nothing in the past 24 hours and now on mobile app and browser it’s loading the proper dashboard. I can only guess this was a caching issue or something else but wanted to provide a head scratching update :wink: