Default Map & Map Cards

I’m tracking the ISS on a MAP Card.

However, it is also showing my default Map

And because the ISS is showing on my Default Map I am unable to see those entities that are local to me in the NW of the UK when the ISS is anywhere but on top of me.

Is there a way to either

a) Remove the ISS from the default map but still show in the Map Card specific for tracking the ISS?
or if it is not possible
b) Remove the default MAP from the left-hand side?

Yes, I have the “default_config:” line in my configuration.yaml but I don’t want to break it either.

If I remove the default_config line from my configuration.yaml file does that mean all the components listed here will be disabled unless I manually add them back in?

No it’s not possible. But it has been a feature request for a long time. I’ve asked for it myself.

yes but only if you remove default_config as you rightly guessed.

yes, you have to add them all manually.

Can you tell me HOW to show the mobility line in the map card?
I have installed and configured satellite tracker custom component for ISS but what i can see is only the following:

How to have the travel lines?

This is my configured card:

- type: map
   - device_tracker.international_space_station_iss
   - openweathermap

I added a Map Card and didn’t configure it under the configuration.yaml. Within the Map Card you can configure the history etc.

Here is my config from that card.

type: map

  • entity: device_tracker.international_space_station_iss
    dark_mode: false
    aspect_ratio: ‘1:1’
    hours_to_show: 1
    default_zoom: 3