Default password for the pi account

Have you not read this thread in its entirety?

There is no pi user with hassio, and if you are running hassio you use the add-ons for the duckdns and lets encrypt settings.

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You should start a new thread because your error has nothing to with this topic.

That is correct I shall take by football and go home

Lol. What?

I suggested you start your own thread with your issue. Your issue doesn’t have anything to do with the topic of this one…

For the hassio default ID, it’s “root”, then it boots up.

Thanks, I got this working. Now I tried the ls command and nothing happens. So what exactly does ssh give you access to?

how then to install utils like ffmpeg? this also needs ssh connection

With this install method, if it doesn’t come installed you don’t install it :wink:

We NEED Pi user access to make system changes!!!
HA does not provide the BASH access

We want BASH access for the PI user not ROOT. Root jumps intoHA and you cant access BASH