Default scan interval for IMAP integration?

Can someone advise what the default scan interval is for a sensor set up in the new(ish) IMAP integration, and whether the scan interval can be modified in the configuration?

IMAP is Cloud Push. AFAIK, there is no polling interval to change… as long as Home Assistant’s connection to the IMAP server is up, it should be notified as soon as a new state/email is available. Your email provider may have settings to alter the push frequency.

Thanks for this info, I’m using Gmail. Prior to the introduction of the IMAP introduction, I had a scan_interval of 30 seconds specified in my configuration, and that worked a treat. I’ll monitor this new setup, hopefully it’ll be just as quick.

This sensor does not seem to update timeously - I just got an email in my inbox and the automation linked to the sensor was only triggered 8 minutes later. I have since tried to implement service: homeassistant.update_entity to enable a scan interval but I get error messages with that.
EDIT: I’ve received 2 more mails from the monitored domain and on both of these, the sensor was updated pretty much immediately, launching the automation. Somewhat puzzled so I’ll see what happens on receipt of further mails tomorrow.