Default server at app start

I use HA at two different locations, each with their own RPI4 and config. On my iPhone, I have set up 2 servers.
When starting the app, most of the time is uses the first server, while the second is the one I use most. I can’t change the order of the sever.

Is there a way to define a default server to use?

Many thanks.

I’m using Android, so maybe the functionality is different, but it always opens up to the instance I last used. Also, a simple side-swipe with 3 fingers quickly swaps between them.

furthermore, on android you can create shortcuts to each server on your home screen to directly launch to your desired instance :slight_smile:

It looks different on IOS. It from time to time revert back to the first instance. And the 3 fingers trick, works … after a few attempts :wink:

I just looked at this and managed to find a way to do it with IOS shortcuts. thats’s what I was looking for. Thanks.