Default_view in another view

Can we please make it so i can have the Default_view page, but not as the main page.

I want to setup my views how i want them, but still have the default_view available as a secondary page, this wound be very useful when introducing new sensors / switches.

Many Thanks

You can put anything on your default view, just like any other View, so just put what you want in your default view and then put the other stuff in another view?

I need the same as the main “default_view” page where absolutly everything is without having to add things individually. Currently you cannot do that with views.


Yes you can, all the unspecified default_view is doing is showing ‘all.*’ groups automatically. Like it says in the ‘groups’ component doc, as usual worth reading the instructions :slight_smile: , just add groups like this for all you have and it’ll update itself…

group.all_automations etc

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No, you can’t

There is no group.all_sensors for a start, and even then, what people are actually looking for is something more like group.ungrouped_stuff, or even group.bloody_everything_please

It’s funny, I voted for this exact same thing ages ago in a thread very similar to this one. When you first start out in homeassistant, there’s a certain comfort to going on to the default_view and seeing what’s there, getting ideas about automations based on the sensors that have appeared when you added something etc, but then there’s also the desire for a clean interface.

After a while you get used to reading the states panel instead, and all of a sudden you don’t need this functionality anymore.

In fact, you end up working towards having very little on your interface because everyhting just works and you never look at it.

That said, I remember how frustrating it was that I couldn’t have a ‘tidy’ landing page and still keep the default_view tucked away somewhere so I could just browse it and see what was going on.


Create a group, like you have with all your views, but the group that you want to be your default view you add default view then under that yes.

Read that page, look at the first bit of example config code.

Let us know if you’re still having trouble. Home Assistant takes awhile to get used to and understand. I personally thing they should rename views to tabs, and rename hassio to some other word entirely.

That would not do what I understand @grooml (and myself) wants. When you add a new device, say, a media_player, it will not appear anywhere in the UI until you add it to the group manually.

I’ve voted for this feature, although I would call it something different, such as an “All Entities” tab.

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Oh I get what your asking now. You worded it poorly…

Here’s your solution: just add everything to a different view… Find everything in your entities , copy and paste them one by one to a specific group and set it as a view.

There you go, solved. If you add a new sensor, copy and paste it adding it to your everything view you created… it takes a couple minutes.

Or literally just look at the entities page…
Uhh… You’re literally asking them to dedicate a lot of time so you don’t have to do 5 minutes of copy pasting, if that. That’s incredibly lazy.

That’s not what it was asked.

In order to add all items you need to know their IDs, thus fiddle with the States, copy all IDs into a separate file, start looking for IDs that are already included in Default View (easiest way I can think is in Excel with vlookup), etc. How about adding a new device? Or changing/updating a previous device?

If you’re to change IDs for hundreds of devices in a group then all of a sudden HA doesn’t seem so friendly for new users.

The request was for a Default view that is a view, not a group, and includes all items without having to manually add them.

There are plenty of features that are simply conveniences. And this is a feature request, not a bug report.

Also, this feature would help one test an entity as soon as you include it, at its location, (say with your phone) instead of editing and reloading groups at your computer. Not such an issue with me and my humble abode, but might be nice for some of these folks with palaces. :laughing:

That makes more sense.

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I’m definitively searching for something like this.

Or maybe an easiest solution would be to add default groups like “group.all_sensors” and “group.all_media_player” or even a “group.all_all”…?

That seems not really difficult but would help a lot when debugging / adding new stuffs / ect…

If you’re interested with the “group.all…” idea, I’m gonna create a new post so everybody can vote on this particular request.

From very soon the default frontend will be lovelace.

Lovelace has a built-in button that lists all unused entities.

Trying to get the ‘old’ frontend modified to fix this is pretty pointless :slight_smile:

That something I can totally understand!

So I’m just gonna try a little bit sooner than expected the new Lovelace UI :slight_smile: