Define Dynamic Zone

Is there a way to dynamically define a zone around my car ?
I can get the location (lon/lat) and car range (radius) from sensors but can’t use template to place these values in a defined zone.
Isn’t it possible to use templates to define these values ?
It could possibly look nice on a map and be informative how far one could get in the car at any given moment…

  - name: CarRange
    latitude: "{{ state_attr('device_tracker.e_niro20_location', 'latitude') }}"
    longitude: "{{ state_attr('device_tracker.e_niro20_location', 'longitude') }}"
    radius: "{{states('sensor.e_niro20_ev_range')|float(0)*1000}}"
    icon: mdi:car

If this were possible it would make peoples locations totally useless, as anyone would always be in the car if they were within drive distance of it. I wouldn’t know what happens to home / away status when you are both at home and in range of your car, but I guess it would cause random behaviour.

Haha didn’t think about that… My aim was to get a visual presentation of the range of the car. Have to re-think this…

Would be really useful if you actually lived in your car though :rofl:

Maybe make your car a person and it’s location accuracy really, really bad? But sadly Home Assistant does not show location accuracy circles.

did you get this to work? i am looking to do the same with my EV