Dehumidifier Inventor EP-wifi20L

I have recentrly bought a dehumidifier Inventor EP3-wifi 20L but the custom integration GitHub - barban-dev/homeassistant-midea-dehumidifier: Home Assistant Custom Integration for EVA II PRO WiFi Smart Dehumidifier appliance by Midea/Inventor. does not work
I’m not sure what is the app we’re suposed to use for this to work.
I’m only able to add the device to the app Inventor Control but i’ve seen references to Midea Air and INVmate II app, wicth don’t work with my dehumidifier.

Can this be configured?

Aparently it works with Tuya integration

Thanks for that, because I was looking how to integrate my Inventor dehumidifier as well. Unfortunately, while I saw the device in the HA settings, it shows up as Unavailable always, for some reason…