Delay climate control "frontend to appliance"

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

I’ve set up my heating controls now via HA and noticed something that I’d like to change. My major concern is with the Android app, but I reckon it’s basically the same with the web frontend as well.

When you touch the “temperature arc”, a command to change the temperature is send more or less immediately to the device. If you accidentially touch the right end of the arc, the temperature is set quite high, which will turn the heater on full blast right away.

What I am looking for is the following:

  • have a (configurable) delay between the climate control in the frontend and the actual command send to the heater/ac etc.
  • “lock” the “temperature arc” and allow setting via the + and - buttons only (which would prevent accidentially setting the temperature way to high or low in an instant)

I haven’t seen anything the like in the dashboard configuration documentation. Is there maybe a trick to work around this issue? Use a generic thermostat that triggers an automation… :thinking:


If you have an Automation you can add a delay on the trigger.

For limiting the temperature I use a Helper input_number with limited range (15-23 in my case).
I don´t use the climate entity for this., but an automation that triggers on changes to the slider connected to the input_number helper.

You could probably set limits to climate entity via automations as well.