Delay in arrival update

Hi everyone I have a weird one that I can not figure out.

Context: I have an automation that opens the garage door and turns on the driveway lights if Dave or Bethann is connected to a cars Bluetooth and arrives to the home location. If I arrive home by myself, automation runs perfectly fine. If Bethann arrives home by herself, automation runs fine. This is the case whether or not someone is already home when the other person arrives. Where it gets weird is if we arrive together (ie, in the same car) the garage door was not opening.

Problem: After doing some digging, what I found is that the automation is firing as intended when we both arrive home but the reason the garage is not opening is because while Bethann is connected to the cars Bluetooth, for whatever reason there is a delay in her arrival to home of sometimes up to a minute or more while mine shows my arrival at home immediately but since I am not connected to the car, the automation goes to its default of leaving the garage closed.

Question: Why when we arrive together, would there be a delay of 60 seconds or more between my arrival time and hers when it seems to updates as normal when we arrive independently of each other.

Backup data: I did not include the code for the referenced automation as that seems to be working just fine but I included some logbook entries showing the delay (Opening of the garage in the logs was done manually when we arrived via the garage button, not the automation).

That’s a bold assumption, considering it actually does not work as intended :wink:


@koying Hahaha fair dig my friend!

The automation is firing correctly, I can go in and trace the logs of the automation and it shows my arrival without being connected to a car (which is true) and so it fires the action associated with that which is to do nothing. The issue is that my wife’s phone (which is the one that is connected to the car, does not report as being home to HA for some time after arrival even though when she is alone it reports her arrival quickly.

Have you tried using your wifi connection, instead of relying on Bluetooth?

For my purposes, the Bluetooth connection only tells HA what car our phone is connected to which gets used inside the automation to determine which garage door to open, it is not what I am using to determine the arrival at the Home location. I use the location sensor on the phones to determine our arrival Home and I use that instead of a WiFi connection because our house is set so far back from the road, by the time we establish a WiFi connection we are halfway down the driveway and with the location sensor I was able to just expand my Home zone to encompass the end of the driveway as well.

What are the means by which your wife is considered home?

IIRC, there is a hierarchy by which some means take precedence over others

I am using the person entity which if I remember correctly was enabled through the use of the companion app (not positive since that was a long time ago). I checked this morning when she left and the state of the person.[Name] entity changed from “Home” to “Away” as soon as she turned out of the driveway. Your comment about there being a hierarchy might make sense as it seems to only have the delay if both mine and her phones arrive at the exact same time. Do you know where I might find more information on that and see if there is any way to tweak it? This is more of a nuisance than anything but I would like to understand what is going on under the hood a little more as it relates to this.