Delay in automation execution

Hello all

I have aeotec multi sensors 6 that i use to detect motion, lux, humidity and temperature.

I also have several shelly duo lightbulbs

my automation is triggered by motion and has a conditional parameter that defines a lux threshold below which the automation continues

It turn on the shelly bulb
all devices are on same network

my issue

when the sensor detects motion it will take upto 3 seconds before the light turns on.
as this controls the lights in the stairwell, i would expect the light will turn on instantly (sometime it does)

obviously i have something incorrectly configured . I do not know what

can someone please direct me to a solution

thank you

You might want to post up your automation yaml and also the trace from an instance when this delay occurred, as without this any replies are likely to be limited and/or based on guessing.

Thank you for your quick reply

This is my complete automation yaml file .

Can i please impose: since this is a short file and i/m a new novice that want to expand my automations, I would welcome and suggestions how i can improve my automations

Once again thank you for your help

How do you have your zones setup? As I note a leave home zone & an arrive home zone. Its normal practice to have a single home zone and simply trigger of off entering or leaving that one zone?

However I don’t see anything inherently wrong with your 2 lighting automations, I personally would get in to the practice of using entities rather than device’s for your actions but that in itself should not be a problem.

I am not sure from your OP if you are experiencing these delays on both your automations or not, but the most important info for me would be to look at the automations trace from when the automation ran with this delay occurring and look at each stages’ timestamp to try and establish where the delay might have occured.

Hello @rossk

My zones are set up in owntracks (including the radius of each zone) first and then owntracks includes them in HA zones.
I have an arrive and away zone to facilitate the activation of my automation. If i’m away the whole house shutdown based upon a certain distance from the house (300 meters). when i cross 250 meters the house turns on ( i hate coming in to a silent, dark and uncomfortable home. Hence the property gate opens the htpc and amplifier is turned on with kodi playing a playlist (this is my turn on htpc automation: and in the winter or summer activated the hvac to maintain the correct temperature) i will be automating the gate next week
(i have a mess there but it seams to work) the only issue i have with geofencing (i posted it in geofencing) is 1 the delay in triggering the automation and sending the notification me. and 2 to ensure that the automation is triggered i need rest the phone open owntracks then open HA companion and only then will the automation be triggered.

The delays in the turn on/off lights occurs in both automation until 2 days ago this only happened in the first instance after this the trigger and the light occured in a reasonable manner.

I will look at the traces and try to identify the issue

as you probably know, over the weekend zwave js had 2 updates. could the cause be found there?
if so, who do i mentioned this to?

again thank you for your help

Hello all

zwave js ui just had an other update.

This caused the 2 sensors to be reinterviewed. One worked immediately whereas the other required an overnight session

i did move from device to entity on my light control.

The error still persists but randomly.

The trace for each automation (2) does not show any reason for the delay. At a certain point it stops. Next time of the occurrence iit works.

Therefore i would imaging it has to do with my network

I will reset the network later today and see what havens.

Thank you for your assist