Delay in ZWave Switch Button Press Status

My UltraPro ZWave dimmers and switches all have a delay of 3 seconds to inform of a button press event. They recognize 5 button events:

  • Pressed (Once)
  • Pressed Twice
  • Pressed Three Times
  • Released
  • Held

Commands sent to them are executed immediately but events outgoing from them have the delay.

My theory is that the switch is waiting for an interaction timeout in order to decide whether the button is going to be pressed once or any of the other actions will occur. Another possibility could be that all of them are using S2 Security and this is causing the delay. But this is less likely because other S2 gadgets communicate instantaneously. I do have a switch of a different model that only recognizes on/off states and has no security which transmits without any delay.

The problem with this interval is that it is apparent when using button press events to drive other actions like turning lights in the same room.

I’m sure that many of you guys are using these same switches or others with similar capabilities. Is this how they work by design?

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Unsure on the UltaPro specifically (they’re Jasco OEM so whatever affects these should also affect GEs of the same model.)

I know this impacted some inovelli - possibly Inovelli red and the Zooz Zen32 - with I THINK the Z32 actually issuing a firmware update that allowed users to select the timeout.

So I doubt you’re wrong on the delay, that it’s waiting but I don’t know if its configurable like the Zooz. (which model number was it again?)

S2 encrypted comms are just slightly heavier than unsecured but S0 is the demon. It carries ~3x the traffic overhead. (only use S0 of you HAVE TO)

Thanks for the info, Nathan. These are ZW3010. In HA I’m using them with ZWaveJS UI. Checking the options I don’t see anything related to changing the wait time. But I found online that some other switches let you disable multiple tap detection in order to eliminate this delay. I guess mine don’t support that.

I also found this old post discussing this issue, with the same conclusion.

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