Delay / pause the startup of home assistant / pauses in the interpretation of configuration.yaml


I thought long about adding something to this post, but then decided against it, because my problem is different from: How to delay Hass startup?

I need a delay during the startup phase of HA. I have a device that is called five times during startup (for 5 different switches / sensors). The REST interface of that device is quite slow, so different calls from HA are not finished yet while the next is already issued. At least 1, often 2 switches / sensors are always left out. Only after 5 to 10 restarts I can get it to find all 5 … by chance :frowning:

Therefore, I’d rather slow down HA’s startup with 20 second pauses (call 1, pause 20 secs, call 2, pause 20 secs etc.) instead of hoping for the best.

Any ideas?