Delete a single day out of Energy History

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Is there a way to delete a single day out of the Energy History?
Cause I got something really strange here:

I have no idea what exactly happened there but I really would like to delete this.


I have the same need. Yesterday I have been playing with my Shelly EM and not sure what happened but all the data from yesterday got messed and I need to delete it.

I have the same question …

Back when the HA update around Jan. 31. rolled out I didn’t have any energy measurements for 3 days, because we had to change the configuration for the state_class to total_increasing … after I did that everything seemed to work again … well - now I took a look at the consumptions again and saw, that the monthly and yearly individual device consumptions show negative values!!! (like minus over 1000kWh for some devices)

This is only for February, the whole year and the week between 31. and 6., in which the measurements were not available for three days.

long story short, I would simply like to manually feed the database with somewhat accurate values for these days (like copy them from another day), so the yearly consumption is correct again
how do I do that

The million dollar question is still the same: How to delete/edit a single day out of Energy History?

There’s an open PR for that functionality. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

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SOLVED =) In the latest HA build, we have now the Statistics in dev menu that allow us to fix the consumptions that were wrong. https://FQDN:8123/developer-tools/statistics


How painful is that if you want to delete a whole day!


Ciao! how can I delete it from the statistics? cannot find any way to do it :frowning:


In the right look for one statistic that has the “adjust sum” and select the day and hour that is wrong in the energy dashboard and adjust the number to 0 or one similar off the last 10’.

If I want to use this method, I have to change 12x24=288 datapoints to zero PER day to remove that specific day. Is there another option?

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I know how you feel. I just went thru the whole week of statistics to fix a couple of entities and right now all I can say is that statistics adjustment window is a torture.

not sure if it will leave a mark, but I guess we should pick a topic, wrote some needed features there and vote, vote, vote! I’ve found one with relatively high vote count [relatively to other statistics-themed requests] and typed some wishlist of mine