Delete and Re-add Chromecast After Name Change

I have four chromecasts but I have been having trouble with one in particular in our family room. I swapped it with the chromecast in the kitchen (as the kitchen is the new gen) and the issue seems to be resolved. The problem now is that HA has the names wrong. So I have the IPs added to my HA config file and they show as these entities:


When I look at the new Registry editor it says that deleting entries here don’t remove them fully and that they should be removed from the Integrations section. If I look at integrations I can’t see a way to delete an entity. It current looks like this:

There is the option to override the name but when I did this it only changes the name directly above the entity id rather than the one at the top which seems to not fix my issue (i.e. it is still using the big name at the very top). Like this:


I think the best thing it probably remove both entities and start again but I can’t work out how to do this. I tried removing the IPs from the config file and restarting but this had no effect.

Any ideas? Cheers for reading!


Ok, this post is not new but I had a similar problem…
The solution is here: