Delete default users HA (HassOS)


can I just delete the accounts below?
I don’t know why these are there, and why I can’t remove them.
are these necessary?

*Home Aaistant Cast
*Home assistant Cloud 2x
*Home assistant Content

Hey, did you try it?


Yes, to start with I deleted the following users:

*Home Aaistant Cast
*Home assistant Cloud 1x

I then restarted HassOS (VM) and Home Assistant Core several times (including addons), and everything continues to work fine.
Just upgraded to 2024.2.0 and didn’t encounter any issues.
No errors were found in the logs either, which could be related to these users.

What I have left now:

*Home Assistant Content
*Home Assistant Cast

These are there by default, I have to see what I do with them and whether they can also be removed.