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Solved, but no longer relevant with zwave js event changes

Did you ever make any progress on this? If not, …

Are you sure you reloaded automations after changing it?

Are you sure the automation is turned on?

Maybe try removing many of the event_data items in the trigger and just keeping the ones that make the event unique.

For the event trigger, you don’t need to put everything under event_data, and what you put there doesn’t even have to exist in the event. But for what you do put there, if it does exist in the event, then the values must agree exactly. Yes, this is not necessarily very intuitive. Which is why I often suggest not using event_data, but rather checking what’s important in the event data in the automation’s condition, e.g., something like:

  - {{ == 'value_notification' and == 'scene' and
       ... }}

Also you might want to look at: