Delete phantom node completely

I am using Hass.os (Rpi3 image) and it is current. I’m current (0.118 IIRC). I use zwave beta.

I had a device (Leviton DZPA1) which died (permanently). That left an orphaned node in my zwave stick (aeon 5). Now I have to tidy up.

Reading lots of posts, I see I can use the PC tool to delete the device off my stick.

Small question. Is there a better way than using the PC programmer from Silicon Labs.

Big, big question. If I remove it from the stick then reboot all my HA (incl MQTT and zwave), will there be any crap left behind such as orphan entities or devices? If so, how do I tidy up COMPLETELY?

let it fail on the network… that’ll take awhile. force remove it. give it a bit… like 5-10 mins. then you need to shut down HA, its host, and the system with the USB stick connected.

Power back up, in theory it should all be gone. of that doesn’t work, you’ll have to use the tool.

Not sure if you mean to let it fail in openzwave or to let it fail in the zwave stick. My understanding is that zwave sticks have a failure detection but applications have no control over this. OpenZWave, however, has its own failure detection which detects before zwave and makes sure zwave doesn’t see a failure.

Also, to “let it fail” I think I have to keep sending messages and having them fail. As it is, no messages are sent (I don’t poll) so I would think I must force it to fail (query it, heal network etc.), not let it fail.

Is this even an option with zwave (beta)?

Including devices and entities? Specifically devices. I’ve seen too many postings to the contrary.

I’m really trying to do this right and completely. I like a clean system so I never wonder if “this” or “that” is causing issues (e.g. slowing down zwave). Don’t want to screw it up and have to re-enter all my zwave devices.

Found a good solution. This was easy to do and the device was no longer apparent anywhere in HA. Also, I did it while running and didn’t have to use the Silicon Labs software.

Bit long explanation, but simply use Developer Tools | Services to publish three MQTT messages (yup, that’s all!) and monitor the responses in the Event List tab at the bottom of the OpenZWave tool accessible from the Add-On. Piece of cake and it works.

Delete a phantom node