Delete "read-only" enteties form home assistant

So my HA is full of enteties that are in the wifi network. If I go to ‘configuration -> enteties’ they all show up as read-only and they all show up as device tracker. I never added them and there is no integration showing them as added. I am unable to tick the box on the left to remove them and on the right it shows the read-only part.

Is there some way to get rid of them? I got like 8 actual devices and 30+ of these which makes everything super messy

I have several of these myself, but never been able to figure out how to delete them.

I bet it can be done by manually editing some file in config/.storage but I’d rather not mess with that.

look in your config directory for a file called ‘known_devices.yaml’.

the devices might be listed in there. You can edit it just like any other yaml file.


okay so that was surprisingly easy. I’ll have to see if they show up again autoamticall but for now they are gone

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I dont have my devices listed on this file. Is it possible this file was used before as means of device tracking? I have a couple of entries that look like this:

  hide_if_away: false
  name: [user name ]
  track: true

yes and it still is for some device tracker integrations. But some integrations have moved away from using it so some of the entries may not be needed any longer, again, depending on the integration.