Delete reference of a snapshot


i’ve deleted a snapshot manually (deleting the file with samba) but there is always a reference to this snapshot somewhere because each boot i receive an error.

18-10-16 06:41:43 ERROR (MainThread) [hassio.snapshots.snapshot] Can’t read snapshot tarfile /data/backup/._Hass_io_Hass_2018_WithSSL.tar: invalid header

where can i find this reference to delete it ?


Found this old post as I’m experiencing the exact same issue as described.

I downloaded a snapshot from ui before I re-imaged my pi system, the snapshot was moved back into backup folder and restored after initial setup with a temp user. snapshot file was then removed from samba share.

ever since the restore, i’ve been seeing this message, but there’s no more backup file in there.

21-03-27 00:34:45 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.snapshots.snapshot] Can't read snapshot tarfile /data/backup/._abd30288.tar: invalid header

I’m running supervised method on a pi 4 8gb with Ubuntu 20.10

can someone help?

There is a refresh button (top right) on the snapshot page that will fix this.
In future don’t use samba to delete the snapshot. If you tap on the snapshot there is a delete button which will delete the snapshot and prevent this message. Of always just refresh as per above

yup, learned from the hard way.

the refresh option or from command line with sudo ha snapshots command didn’t solve the issue, I ended up deleting the backup folder and recreating it from command line.

hopefully it fixed it. definitely will only delete download/upload from ui in the future.