Delete sensor measuring glitch from database


My Gas consumption entity was having a glitch yesterday (5 december) now my energy dashboard is showing wrong information.

The glitch was in my sensor.gas_consumption entity which goes from 3758.48 to 0 at 14:10:14 and back to 3758.54 at 14:10:45 as seen here:

Now my energy dashboard thinks i used 3762.19m3 gas yesterday which is obviously incorrect.

How can i remove the 0 values from my sensor so that the energy dashboard is correct again?


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You could have a look in dev tools > statistics, find the entity and click on the ramp icon on the right and remove it there

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Thank you, thats quick! Seems to have fixed it!

Thanks so much for posting and for providing a solution! I started having this issue since this month as well 3 measured values of 0, resulting in the energy dashboard no longer showing the gas usage accurately, and related costs.