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Delete some of "mobile_app" component sensors?


New “mobile_app” component making many sensors, possible to delete some of them? specially activity/pace/distance/steps sensor cause they’re very not accurate

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You can delete them from your card so they rate ignored but you cannot delete the entity.


That seems awkward. Why not expose those values as attributes of a mobile device? That way we can use templates to create sensors of interest.


Delete app then

Do onboarding again without giving acces to your motion sensors.

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I’m looking to delete entity, it’s possible to hide them and exclude from history but would be better to just get rid of it or like @ jcuccia said make them attributes

Screenshot is after cleaning others, I had all of them times x5
After cleaning old sensors these ones always come back
I’m afraid disabling motion access can break location tracking but I will try it next reinstall


I would also like to see them as attributes so that I could choose which I want to expose via sensors, but it doesn’t sound like a popular sentiment on Discord. You can hide the ones that you don’t care about so they don’t show up in lists in the UI, but they’ll still clutter the entity registry.

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I do not use motion acces…