Delete the forum account?

I have chosen to uninstall home assistant and want to remove this account. How can that be done please?

Wuh , what? Why? :wink:

Only because I don’t need it, will not use it as things are, I simply don’t have the time, so rather close it down instead of just forgetting about it

Odd, i couldn’t find a way to delete the forum account. Might have to message a mod

Precisely. How can I find a Mod that may help me?

@tinkerer @ludeeus

For all the forums I’ve joined over the years I’ve never thought of deleting my accounts. I usually just forgot the password and moved on but maybe this approach is something to consider as you never know where your personal details end up when a forum closes down.

Food for thought, very logical and something to consider when you’ve moved on. Maybe this could be the start of a new trend :joy:

A quick search of Discourse delete account indicates that moderators have the choice of either:

  • deleting the account and all its posts
  • anonymizing the account and retain all its posts

There also appears to be a threshold, of 2 posts, below which a new user can delete their account. If you exceed it, the option to “self-delete” is removed.

Well we don’t want to delete posts, it leaves holes in discussions.

Well in respect of a few users perhaps…

Thanks. Taken care of.