Deleting Bad Entities

Hi I’ve been trying to delete entities all day. I use to use known-devices but started fresh and the new version does not use that file anymore. Searching here everyone just says read the documentation. However the documentation isn’t very clear…

“ As of 0.94 known_devices.yaml is being phased out, and no longer used by all trackers. Depending on the integration you use this section may no longer apply. This includes the mobile app, OwnTracks, GeoFency, GPSLogger, and Locative.”

My entities are coming from UniFi. I’ve deleted the built in integration. Have tried with UniFi device tracker with track new devices off and without that at all. Whenever I delete devices they come right back after a restart. I really don’t want to disable discovery…

See the note in that page:

Note that setting track_new_devices: false will still result in new devices being recorded in known_devices.yaml , but they won’t be tracked ( track: false ).

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I think I literally just understood… Use track: false instead now? I’ll try in a min

If I have trackers from tomatousb that I don’t use anymore (deleted the integration) how do I delete them from the state list (entity list)? I think they are inside the known device list too, so maybe just delete them from there?

Think I have just asked the same question about known devices being picked up through Unifi.

How do you delete device.trackers already found? I can see them in unused entities and in developer tools -> states but they are not in known_devices so not sure how to delete them.

Presume deleting a sonos from device tracking will not impact it appearing in cards / switches?