Deleting mariadb killed my Ha how to proceed?

wanting to update the mariadb gave me a red button in the Hassio addons page. So I thought to uninstall and re-install. Uninstall seemed to work, but the add-on remained.
ok, restart and see what happens. Or so I thought.

nothing happens, HA instance simply unable to load.

I was able to Ssh into the instance and do ha info. ha check though gave me

core-ssh:~# hassio ha check
⣾ Processing... ERRO[0000] Unexpected server response                   
Processing... Done.

ok lets reboot: alas…

core-ssh:~# hassio ha restart
Processing... Done.

Error: Unknown Error, see logs

now how to see those logs?
The instance isnt there anymore, I have even pulled the plug and restarted the Rpi. No ip address, so no duckdns address or local address…

any suggestions would be appreciated…

With no network connection you would then have to connect keyboard/monitor directly to the pi (assuming this is a pi)