Delightful onboarding

Just wanted to say that the onboarding/setup of Home Assistant OS (rpi) was delightfully simple and easy! I first started by doing a container setup and configuring everything by hand, then I decided “screw it, I’m just going to use the OS”. Right choice (for me at least) - everything Just Worked: easy to flash, automatically recognized my z-wave and zigbee controllers (z-stick and conbee respectively) and is working flawlessly, granted it’s only been a couple of days.

Props and thanks to all the people who have worked on hass and the OS. It’s been a joy so far. :beers:


I absolutely agree. I am SO impressed by the quality and usability of HASS.

I started from scratch (no home automation), and put HASS OS initially on RasPi-4b (by flashing SD card). Startup process was absolutely smooth, as well as configuring it afterwards. Then my ODROID-N2+ arrived, and I wanted to move everything over there. Installed HASS OS onto ODROID (by flashing eMMC), did backup from RPi & restored that onto ODROID, moved over my Z-Wave and Zigbee sticks, and everything was running again on the ODROID. Painless!

In an entire career of IT, I’ve seldom seen things work this smoothly. HUGE kudos to the Home Assistant team, for VERY well-done software. And besides software that works so well, the UI is incredibly well done.

And I’ve been working a lot since then with ESPHome. That system is SO well thought-out. A bit hard to grok at first, but it works so well. I just can’t believe what can be accomplished with a couple lines of configuration YAML. Nicely done!


Sounds like you might be ready for some Tuya wifi devices, to add a bit of that special frustration pizzazz to your life.