DeLonghi Pinguino CST - Bluetooth LE remote?

Hey all,

I just got a Delonghi Pinguino EL112 CST mobile A/C unit. I’m now wondering if I can add it to my remote control setup via HA.

I had mistakenly understood the remote to be based on infrared (which I know how to automate/integrate). But now that the unit arrived, I find that it is indeed based on Bluetooth Low Energy communication. Looks like the remote/unit were pre-paired?

Does anyone have experience on how to possibly tie into such a setup, if not even the specific model?

Thanks a lot!

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Had no luck on my own so far, but to be fair, I didn’t quite know where to go :wink:

I reached out to Delonghi, and their support center said they’re forwarding my inquiry to their R&D department. We’ll see.

Did you get any reply from DeLonghi ?
There is a guy with a Playstore app for Pinguino remote control. However it doesn’t have many downloads and poor rating. Still, it suggests that the protocol used might be open and accessible.
DeLonghi’s own UX especially around the time function is less than ideal. Any integration into smarter systems would be a big bonus.

Did you find anything? I have the same unit and have managed to get a signal from the original remote to at least travel some 5m downstairs, but I’d much rather be able to control ut smartly…

Unfortunately DeLonghi hasn’t responded yet :frowning: No luck yet. Reverse-engineering a Bluetooth protocol is a wee bit outside my skill set and I just can’t be bothered …

Though I suspect it might be possible - the documentation does explain how to pair a new remote, so I guess one could insert a relay in the middle?

any luck so far ? got myself a delonghi too

Alas no, and for most mobile A/Cs and Air Purifiers, HA support seems to quite suck, which is a bit of a shame :frowning:

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Hi, any news? I have the Delonghi Pinguino EL130 CST unit.

Any updates on this?