Delta Dore / Tydom Custom Component - Need help++

Hi all,

I’m in the process of creating a custom component for delta dore devices, driven by the tydom gateway.

Some greats folks ([jjlf]( and Eli) from jeedom community ( have already reversed the way to connect and get / set devices from Tydom, by a websocket preceded by an http handshake if i understand well (not possible by the websocket node in nodered because of that).

A python script :
A node.js one :

The python script can output json and parsed data from tydom, locally and remotly.

I’ve read a ton of custom components but i have a very hard time (learning python since 1 week) to create a component.

I don’t have a lot of time but i’m very determined to drive my alarm and covers (hardware is very high end, but software is crap and closed).

For now i can drive my covers with said python script from ssh, in the middle of a nodered flow that select an input_select for the alarm status and mqtt from and to the covers… sticks and glue, but it works.

So, if some one could help by just give me a existing custom component with a websocket logic or just by reading the output of a python script… That would be great.

Thanks in advance

I’m working on it, see here and on the tydom_python github, i’ve opened an issue to ask for a PR (yeah i’m a paramedic, not a programmer, still processing things).

We are close to have a tydom2mqtt client :slight_smile:

Check here : Tydom2mqtt - Make Delta Dore devices home assistant compatible ! =}