Tydom2mqtt - Make Delta Dore devices home assistant compatible ! =}

Finally, after days of learning python, and based on the work from cth35 here : https://github.com/cth35/tydom_python
(I made a PR to that github, so keep a eye on it in the future !)

I got a simple python script to work with a Tydom box, it will automatically add devices to an MQTT broker, and to hassio with MQTT autodiscovery.

Here it is : https://pastebin.com/xssNyj5s

Paste it in a tydom2mqtt.py, change that part :

mac = "" #MAC address of your tydom box
login = mac
password = "" password of your tydom box
host = "" #"mediation.tydom.com" #"" # Local ip address or mediation.tydom.com for remote connexion

mqtt_host = ''
mqtt_user = ''
mqtt_pass = ''
mqtt_port = 8883
mqtt_ssl = True

For now just covers and alarm (alarm is read only for now).

Set your Tydom and MQTT credentials in the file, launch it (use ssh in nodered, make it launch at boot on your debian base… Or on another device), and forget.

We still need some tests, but it handles deconnections very well ! (auto reconnect)

Please be kind on the code quality, i have max 20 days of python skills :wink: