Deltaco API

Has anyone managed to get hand on Deltaco cloud API ?
I did buy a Deltaco wifi camera and tryed to install it on my Tuya app with no luck.
I searched after Deltaco API and did find this:

But I dont understand shit…
Ask me about truck engines and gearboxes, but when it comes to programming i get lost in my own cloud.

That link seems to be just to their product and stock inventory for resellers.
Deltaco products are generally not a single brand, but several white label products that Deltaco just slaps their logo and name on.

I was trying to figure out why a fast food Mexican restaurant would need an API. :grinning:

Deltaco does just as many other companys and buy things from China and in this case all Deltacos smart home products are buyed from Tuya and Tuya print Deltacos name on the products and send them to Sweden. Deltaco pays 25000 dollars per year for Tuya to manage the products and phone apps so they dont have to develop products themselves. I talked to Deltaco support about API and they did not understand anything, and when i told them about the Tuya app they started to test their products in Tuya smart home app and everything worked perfectly, some items did even work better in Tuya Smart Home then in Deltacos own app that Tuya had build for them.