Demanding components list?

Is there any sort of list how much each component stresses the device? I did once get a big pile of those chinese 8266 D1 boards with that bad 3.3v regulator, most of them run fine with just wifi, webserver, api and hass time components. Few keep crashing(rebooting constantly) even with less so those are done for esphome i guess…

Anything outside like sensor modules requiring 3.3v i have running on separate small buck converter.

It’s usually a matter of looking at datasheets.

No, but some components docs mention some things, for example:

Please note that enabling this component will take up a lot of memory and may decrease stability, especially on ESP8266.

So that’s a good component to avoid if you are short on memory. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

I actually power all sensor, actors with 5V (when supported) directly to don’t stress the 3.3v ldo on my fifty-ish d1 mini clones. :robot:

What do the logs tell you why they restart? :page_facing_up:

Which logs? I just upload the same code and attach the same sensors to those modules and they keep rebooting, sometimes every other hour, sometimes 3 times a day. Anyways less stable than the rest of 8266 ive got.

The logs that esphome generates.

The logs to help us help you :raised_hands:

You need to get them via serial because it’s a restart issue :bulb:

Log to a file. ESPHome logger => to a file

just tip, decreasing the esp8266 power usage have helped me on boards with weak 3.3v regulators

  ssid: "xxxxxx"
  password: "xxxxx
  output_power: 9 #8.5-20
  power_save_mode: HIGH #HIGH NONE LIGHT
  fast_connect: true 

Ty all for the info here.

Update after 3 months: I then decided to simply drop off the web server component. Not a single glitch after that. One board is still non accessible for repeated booting. I was not able to do the OTA update on it so i just threw it into my junk box. 7 of them are running 24/7 without problems. Most still waiting for their purpose.