Denied access to Samba Add-On from Ubuntu machine

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I have two instances of Home Assistant running on the same network:

Production server:

  • Home Assistant Supervised (Ubuntu 18.04.4; Intel CPU laptop)
  • Samba service installed in Ubuntu
  • I can connect to its Samba share from either a Windows, MacOS, or Ubuntu machine.

Test server:

  • Home Assistant (HassOS; RPI3B+)
  • Samba Add-On installed
  • I can connect to its Samba share only from Windows and MacOS machines but not from an Ubuntu machine.

In a nutshell, two out of the three operating systems allow me to connect to the Samba Add-On onthe Test server (and all three can connect to the Samba service on the Production server). Only the Ubuntu machine is denied connection to the Samba Add-On.

From the Ubuntu workstation, I am challenged to enter the password twice and then get this refusal:

Screenshot from 2020-05-21 09-03-27

I recall reading a thread where someone else encountered the same problem and their solution was to disable the Samba service on the Ubuntu machine. I haven’t tried it but, for my purposes, that’s an impractical workaround (because I also need to share files located on the Ubuntu machine).

The Samba Add-On’s configuration is straightforward. The only changes from the default is that I’ve supplied a password (it’s required).

workgroup: WORKGROUP
username: homeassistant
password: redacted
interface: ''
  - 'fe80::/10'
  - ._*
  - .DS_Store
  - Thumbs.db
  - icon?
  - .Trashes
compatibility_mode: false

I’ve tried using a different workgroup (TEST) but it had no effect.

Can someone explain why connection attempts from the Ubuntu workstation are denied by the Samba Add-On?


I overlooked to mention that I’m using the latest published version of Samba Add-On (9.2.0) and, interestingly, the log file shows no record of attempts to connect it from the Ubuntu machine.

The only record in the log is when I attempt to connect by supplying this:


instead of just clicking the server’s name in the Networks list. It still refuses the connection (reports that it could not get a list of shares) and the log indicates a netbios connect attempt but doesn’t report it as an error.

I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on another machine and its smb client behaves the same was as the one on 18.04. It is denied access to the Samba Add-On (but is able to access the samba service on the Production server).

The question remains, what is different in the Samba Add-On that it refuses access to Ubuntu’s smb client?