Denon AVR - change IP Address?

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The Denon AVR Integration has not been working for some time now caused I believe by my Marantz SR8012 grabbing a different IP address from my router via DHCP.

What used to be .185 is now .163

I don’t see a way of amending the IP address within the Integration unless I have missed something so do I have to delete/remove the existing Integration and run it again putting in the new IP address or is there another way?

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You must set static IP address in your Denon receiver, or set reserved IP in your router (bound to MAC of your Denon) - somewhere in LAN settings.
Any device you use in HA must have static or reserved IP, or this will happen sooner or later - if not otherwise it will change IP at router power loss. NEVER use DHCP for these devices!

Thanks for the quick reply Pavel.

Yeah I know…I have 31 devices with static IP address and a further 83 using reserved IP addresses on my network. It’s just that I’ve been a little lazy over the last couple of years and haven’t kept up with assignments as I should have so have ignored a further 44 which need reserving.

I was just wondering short term if there was a way of reassigning the IP address in the Integration or is the only way to delete it and add it in again?

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Easiest way is to manually set that old IP in your Denon and “reboot” it. Maybe you’ll need to reboot router, too, especially if some other device has that IP now. (check with ping on some PC if Denon comes alive after “reboot”) After that Denon should have old IP again.

Although router first checks for “static” IP’s , so it will never asign already used address, it’s still a good idea to limit router’s DHCP range and have another range reserved only for your static addresses (say, DHCP from10 to 199, your IP’s from 200 to 254).

if you shut down home assistant you can edit the .storage/core.config_entries file and replace the addresses as needed then fire it back up.

this is of course editing a file that isn’t generally user facing, so all the usual disclaimers apply