Denon AVR continuously presents as 'on / off' when on


So I have my Denon Amp integrated into Home Assistant, but due to some weirdness whenever it is on, it constantly presents itself as ‘on/off’ over the network. So it looks like this in the history


Is there a way of setting a delay to how long the device is ‘off’ before Home Assistant changes its state? I basically want to smooth this out, without impacting the responsiveness of its other functions.

I know this is doable in presence detection to avoid false negatives, but wonder if there is a way of doing it with any component?

hmm, i also have a denon avr-x4000 , i dont see it as a sound system? its just a media player for me
alos have you enabled IP always ON on your denon?

That’s just its custom name.

And yes it’s always on - that’s how it can be turned on by HASS when in its off-state. This is screenshot of a part of the history graph - on the left and right it is ‘off’, the middle is what it looks like when it’s switched ‘on’ - it polls as being on and off every minute.

ok, no idea

Anyone else got a solution for this?

Essentially I’m looking for something like ‘consider_home’ in device tracker, but for this denon component to stop the false ‘off’ values while it’s on.

@kineticscreen I think I found a solution. I have been experiencing the same behavior in my setup. After changing default timeout (2 sec) to 10 sec I stopped having the issues described. I believe this was due to timing out the connection.
Try adding this to your denonavr platfrom setting in configuration.yaml:
timeout: 10

I think that did it! Thank you.

Now I just need to work out what on my network is causing my amp to randomly turn on and I’ll be set!

Old topic but remaining issue. I tried above mentioned solution by adding the timeout. Unfortunatly that didn’t solve the issue. whenever it is on, it constantly presents itself as ‘on/off’

Anything else i could try to fix this?

Edit: I’ve been using this component for over 2 years and it never had this problem before. Recently i deleted the whole configuration and started from scratch. This is when te problem started to occur.