Denon AVR Power on /Off

Hello, I have a Denon AVR 2700, and have it in HA using the DenonAVR integration and the HEOS.

I find when I turn off the Denon from the DenonAVR integration, it goes into the off state, then if I try to turn it on it is unavailable.The status in HEOS is unavailable too. Its a wired connection with a reserved DHCP on a windows lan which is where the HA sits .

I saw from the documentation that the HEOS integration shoudl be able to connect to the AVR even it it is in standby, wondered if anyone could help…

Many thanks

Hey buddy, I have exactly the same issue especially due to the fact AVR is auto turning off after some time when it’s not used. I am also looking for some remote power on / power off.

The only option which is coming to my mind so far is an idea to control this thru DHMI CEC when I will be turning on for ex. Chromecast device it will be also forcing AVR and LG TV to turn on but still it’s not exactly what I am looking for.

Does it have a Network Standby, or Network control setting?

Make sure the AVR has its eco mode settings or power saving settings disabled. These settings when on typically prevent the AVR from being turned on remotely.