Denon AVR x1200W

hallo all.
I have a Denon AVR X1200W.
it is available on my network and I can configure and use it successfully via its IP address and also with the app using its IP address.

It is discovered successfully by home assistant and shown int he GUI as its friendly name. And i can also use it and turn it off and on, choose the input via the HA gui.

the problem comes generally about 4 hours after a restart of Home assistant.
then errors occur in the syslog (running HA as a daemon) along the lines of:
updating denonavr component took longer than the configured 10 seconds.
and As soon as these errors occur - i can no longer do anything via home assistant.
as soon as these errors occur i can also no longe rconnect to the AVR using the GUI or the IOS/android app.
when i shut down HA - there is no issue anymore with the app or the web page.

I have tried a few things - i have turned off Eco mode on the AVR. i have set to always wake on LAN … but nothing seems to work.

i tried configuring manually in configuration.yaml and using the Denon platform instead of the denonavr platform - also no luck… it appears the autodiscovery seems to have 'priority" … where can i actually configure or change auto discovered components?

i am currently at wits end… so any help is greatly appreciated.

Very interesting as I have an x3200 and have the same experience. I never made the connection with HA but now you mention it that could be the trigger.
The denon is really slow and non performing via it’s web interface and I see the same errors on HA. I gave up using the app and use a normal old fashioned remote

I do have it in the config configured

Interested if someone has it working smoothly

You can try commenting out discovery: to see if it makes a difference.

Are you using the denon or denonavr component? I have an X4200W and use the denonavr component:
- platform: denonavr
name: Home Theater

The AVR has two network interfaces for control; telnet and web. The telnet interface is a text-based interface on the telnet port and only one telnet connection is permitted at a time. The denon component uses this. The denonavr component uses the web interface for control and there are no connection limits here.

That said, I’ve seen a few instances where the web server on my AVR hangs and I have to power cycle it to recover it.

  - platform: denonavr
    name: Home Theater
    scan_interval: 300
    timeout: 120
#    zones:
#      - zone: Zone2
#        name: Diningroom

This is my config and as you can see I have been trying to up the scan interval and timeout to see if that improves it but didn’t make things better.

Also I commented out the extra zone as it just made it worse

I will try to take out the discovery but that is not the solution as I have a lot of chromecasts and google homes/minis asnd they are added via the discovery

nice to know I am not alone
as i said before … its via discovery.
i also tried putting it in the configuration.yaml file as follows:#media_player:

#  - platform: denon
#    host:
#    name: Denon AVR

(of course uncommented)… and it was still picking it up via autodiscovery and configuring it as a denonavr…
Its not an option to turn discovery off… as with other people i have a few chromecasts and google homes…

Per the documentation, you can disable discovery of Denon AVRs like so:

    - denonavr

It’s always an option to turn off discovery, it just means you have to explicitly define each device in your config.yaml

thanks m8 :slight_smile:
I will run with it and let you know the results

OK treid that but it keeps comming back …

i have also set denonavr to ignore
it works then for a while.
then the component gets a timeout and eventually stops working until i hard reset the device…

i have a small workaround … i have a zwave plug which i toggle when this error occurs in the logs (so the zwave plug then basically resets the denon ) … but its not nice.

i am going to try setting it up just as a denon device … which then limits my possibilities unfortunately.

i would be interested to know if anyone else has a working solution


Same issue here. I think this started when I upgraded to .60. I can see intermittent pings to the Denon. I commented out the denonavr component in my config and restarted HA. Ping looked good again and I was able to access the Denon web interface.

I withdrew my comment because I realized I was running node-red which could be contacting the Denon resulting in some confusion. I’m going to disable node-red and take another look.

btw in my case the problem also disapears after a restart of HA… but will appear again after some time

I couldn’t find anything of interest. The Denon just stops responding to the network after a while. It misses a few ICMP or ARP requests here and there… then a while later, it just stops responding all together. So whatever is happening, it’s not just causing the management service to fail, but the whole network interface is failing.

There are known issues with the denonavr component and the newer (2017+) Denon X-series models. With the newer X series receivers – I have the Denon AVR-X4300 – Denon has disabled some of the web functionality, so the code used by the denonavr component simply doesn’t work.

The denon component using Telnet appears to work better at first use, but in reality it’s extremely unreliable; to the point of beiing unusable. Despite seeming to connect the basic operations such as power on/off and especially volume control do not work consistently.

I’ve been looking into this for a while now hoping that someday my Denon network connectivity would be stable like my older Onkyo was . . . with my hope mostly bolstered by the fact that the Denon iPhone app worked pretty well.

There’s alot more information in this GitHub thread here:

We’ve made alot of progress and deciphering the web messages used by the Mobile app, and with some work I’ve gotten my receiver working very responsively! Though, my current implementation is a set of RESTCommands combined with Python-Scripts and the emulated hue, I can say that it works very well!

I hope that this information can be folded into the official denonavr component sometime . . . I may even try myself if my day-job workload ever drops back to normal.

Hope this helps someone!